NES Health Using BioEnergetics/Quantum Biology

ProVision Scan


Step 1

The ProVision scan is assessment tool that analyzes and detects disrupted energetic fields and information pathways within your body by detecting bio-energetic distortions.  Your body may be damaged due to emotions, shock, trauma, environmental toxins, chemical toxins, fungus, viruses, bacteria, and electromagnetic pollution that cause disruptions to the human body field.  You place your hand on a scanning device and in seconds the Provision System software yields a graphical image of distortions in the body.   The system also recommends the appropriate miHealth and infoceutical protocols.

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Step 2

The miHealth device is a handheld pulsed electromagnetic frequency instrument that stimulates and unblocks the energy-fields that are detected by the Provision System.  It accelerates fatigue recovery in your mind, cells, and tissues.  The miHealth device is safe to use and can be used on or off body.  The skin has a magnetic quality, so wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow the skin becomes more magnetic which is detected by the miHealth.  As that area is stimulated the magnetic quality begins to change, indicating to the miHealth device that the body has responded and has created a healing reaction.  Over time, the miHealth can return normal function restoring the electrical potential of the malfunctioning cells.  




Step 3

Infoceuticals re-imprint the information of the body's control system.  They are liquid micro-mineral drops that energizes and delivers the information to your cells to bring your body into balance.  The number of infoceuticals usually range from 3 to 6 per scan which last about a month.  The dosage of the infoceuticals can range from 3 to 28 drops.  You simply place the recommended number of drops into 1 to 2 ounces of water and drink.  You want to wait about 30 seconds between each individual infoceutical.  You will need to take them in a specific order as directed by your practitioner.

Feel Good Infoceutical - Standard Protocols

NES Health and BioEnergetics - Yes, safe for your Pets


NES Health works very much the same way on animals as it does with humans.  The same three steps are used.

Up until now, if your pet seemed to be unwell, you mostly relied on physical symptoms you could see.   You had to observe the animal to figure out the problem.

With the help of the NES Provision scan,  you can actually see what is happening below at the cellular level.  

Using the science of Bioenergetics to detect and restore distorted patterns of energy within an animal’s body information fields.  Rejuvenating your pet's natural, self healing system. 

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