Heart Speak

Heart Speak Lite for Body


Designed as a healing tool that can be used to relieve body aches and pains.  

After identifying a trigger point, ache or pain Muscle Response Testing is used to find what emotion is connected to the problem area.  Then Heart Speak is used to clear that emotion relieving the ache or pain.

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Muscle Response Testing


Muscle Response Testing also known as applied kinesiology, Muscle Response Testing utilizes the strength of a muscles to indicate whether something strengthens the body or weakens it.  It is a form of Biofeedback.

It is an assessment tool that can be used to answer questions and to guide therapy.

Heart Speak Mind


Designed as a healing tool that focuses on resolving emotional conflicts.  

Stress can cause many types of symptoms from physical to emotional and behavioral.  Heart Speak for the mind is a very personal and private experience that releases the emotional conflict leaving you feeling emotionally free.

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